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 Abrihet Harris

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Abrihet Harris

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PostSubject: Abrihet Harris   Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:20 pm

Name : Abrihet Harris
Alias(es):Aby, Ab, Abrihet
Place of birth:Los Santos, SA
Current Residence:Belmont Complex

    Occupation:School teenager.
    Vehicles:Old black BMX.
    Weapons:A mini butterfly knife.

    Loves:Hey friends Nisha' and Issa'.
    Likes:Rap music, going out to clubs.
    Dislikes:Mexicans, Fake nigga's.
    Respects:No one at this moment
    Hates:People who showing off.
    Favorite Food:Bakon.
    Favorite Drink:Coka-cola, 7up.


      Eye Color:Green mixed with brown.
      Hair Color:Black
      Piercings:Both of her ears, her upper lip.
      Physical scars:none.

      [b]Description/personality:Abrihet grew up with her grandmother and her grandfather, she doesnt know where her parents at, her grandparents told her they will tell her everything she wants to know at the age of 18, Abrihet grew up with her friend Trissa, together they build a little crew and start slangin and stealing, Some years has passed and Abrihet met Tanisha, Trissa Abrihet and Tanisha build up a little crew, and since they met each other, they are always together and they are unstopable. Abrihet got one target in her life, to find out what happend to her parents. Abrihet smokes and she dont gives a fuck about anything.
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      Abrihet Harris
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