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 Trissa Miller.

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Trissa Miller


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PostSubject: Trissa Miller.   Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:54 am

Name Trissa Miller.
Alias(es): Triss. Issa, Trissa.
Place of birth:Los Santos.
Current Residence:Belmont complex.

Taylor Miller - Father(Dead)
Sierra Miller - Mother

Affiliation:None at the moment.
Occupation:School, teenager.
Vehicles:Old purple BMX.
Weapons:None at the moment.

Loves: Her mother and her friend Nisha'.
Likes: Her BMX and chilling out with friends also rap music.
Dislikes:People who talking too much and who showing off.
Respects:None at the moment.
Hates:Stupid people and mexicans because of a special reason.
Favorite Food:Fast food.
Favorite Drink:Coca-cola, sprunk.

Tattoos:[T-S] tattoo on her middle finger.

Eye Color:Brown.
Hair Color:Black.
Piercings:Both of her ears.
Physical scars:None.

Trissa grew up with her mother Sierra, Trissa's father died(unknown reason). Trissa's mother was unable to support. Trissa and Nisha' did alot of things to get money, They slanging, jacking people and more. When Trissa were about 14-13 years she met
Abrihet they grew up together they were like a crew, doing alot of things together.

Trissa hates the world, she dont care about respect, about anything, Trissa thinks someone killed her father and when she will find out who did it she will revenge him since she still young and need to learn alot she trying to find someone to help her.

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Lawrence Bishop

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PostSubject: Re: Trissa Miller.   Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:05 am

hello there beautiful bounce
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Trissa Miller.
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