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 Reakwon Johnson

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PostSubject: Reakwon Johnson   Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:45 am

Name Reakwon Johnson
Alias(es):known as Reak by his friends.
Place of birth:Los Santos, Belmont Avenue
Current Residence:38th Belmont Avenue
Maria Johnson- Reakwon's mother [DEAD]
Andrew Johnson- Reakwon's father [Alive]

    Vehicles:BMX bike.
    Weapons:He doesn't have any sort of weapons expect his father's weapon which he've never use.

    Loves:Sunday days, his mother, play games, hang out with his friends.
    Likes: School, KFC , watch TV, Basketball.
    Dislikes:Any sort of firearms, His math teacher, vegetables
    Respects:His father and his mother, old people.
    Hates:Anything which remind him his mother, awkward conversion with his father, the kids who bullying him frequently in school.
    Favorite Food: Pizza, Burger, fries and other meats.
    Favorite Drink: Coke, pepsi, fanta, water.

    Build: Scrawny physique
    Weight:84 lbs

      Eye Color:Brown
      Hair Color:Black
      Physical scars:None.

      Description/personality:Reakwon is a twelve years-old, scrawny kid who born and rise in Los Santos, 38th Belmont Avenue area. Reakwon is a shy kid, who reckons that violence it isn't the answer for everything. Due to all the violence which surrounding his neighborhood, he become very shy for the people he doesn't know in his neighborhood. His mother dies when he was five years-old because she had the cancer disease, and eventually the cancer won unfortunately. In the start it made him to be more aggressive frequently but within the years it just made him to be quiet kid who just keep his emotion inside him, that make him have often an inner pain which not stop because he never told anyone all he have on his mind even his father. Well-.. His father is-.. he's works a lot through the day to have enough money for him and Reakwon but still the die of his mother changed them both, they both become more quietly and loner and they barley speak with each other. Reakwon's very wise and intelligent kid who put a lot of effort into school. He studies for test do homework. He being bullied frequently, but nowadays it seems that it stop for now. Reakwon always keep his head up and watch out for troubles, and by this I mean he try to avoid them at all. He usually visit his mother's grave once a month with his father.
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      Reakwon Johnson
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